Separator Pressure Vessels Vortex Breaker and Manways

Vortex Breaker
As liquid flows out of the exit nozzle, it will swirl and create a vortex. Vortexing would carry the gas out with the liquid. Therefore, all liquid outlet nozzles should be equipped with a vortex breaker. Figure 12-9 shows several vortex breaker designs. Additional designs can be found in the Pressure Vessel Handbook. Most designs depend on baffles around or above the outlet to prevent swirling.

Examples of Vortex Breaker Details. (Source: Copyright © International Training & Development.)

Manways are large openings that allow personnel access to the vessel internals for their maintenance and/or replacement. Vessels 36 in. and larger should have a minimum of one 18-in. manway. Vessels 30 in. and smaller should have two 4-in. flanged inspection openings. Manway cover davit should be provided for 12-in. and larger manways for safe and easy opening and closing of the cover. Figure 12-10 shows an example of a horizontal manway cover davit and sleeve details.

Example of horizontal manway cover davit and sleeve detail.

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