Structured Packing

A bed of structured packing consists of a bed support upon which elements of structured packing are placed. Beds of structured packing typically have lower pressure drops than beds of random packing of comparable mass transfer efficiency. Structured packing elements are composed of grids (metal or plastic) or woven mesh (metal or plastic) or of thin vertical crimped sheets (metal, plastic, or ceramic) stacked parallel to each other. Figure 6-9 shows examples of the vertical crimped sheet style of
structured packing.

Structured packing can offer better mass transfer than trays. (Courtesy of Koch Engineering Co., Inc.]

The grid types of structured packing have very high capacities and very low efficiencies, and are typically used for heat transfer or for vapor scrubbing. The wire mesh and the crimped sheet types of structured packing typically have lower capacities and higher efficiencies than the grid type.

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